Thursday, October 14, 2010

Awareness Month

October is the awareness month for Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence. Two leading cases among men and women around the world. We (EmmCee) wanted to give some useful information for anyone willing to learn something new everyday.

Lady Emm:
"Being a victim of DV (domestic violence) I wanted to take a moment and possibly speak the truth on the fear that a lot of DV victims are too scared to speak upon. First, let me make clear that a DV victim does not speak upon it because they are weak but because they feel as if  they will be judged. I plan to blog about my unfortunate experience, one day, but for right now I want to give some useful wisdom that I hope can encourage the next soul who feels that they are alone.

After several years of being a victim I learned that...YOU, male or female, are NOT alone. DV can consume you and make you feel insignificant but let me guarantee you that NO ONE has the right to put their hands on you. Despite of what they may say or think. Also, you DO NOT make them do it. YOU are NOT the cause for them to abuse you in any form. EVERYONE is responsible for their actions and although NO ONE is perfect NO ONE has the right to take your self worth. Most people think that DV is only physical but sadly it is also emotional, verbal, mental and spiritual. DV can rear its ugly head in any relationship and you may not know it and just accept it. The truth is more and more people become too acceptable to this type of behavior in which then passes down to more and more relationships and unfortunately becomes the death of another human being whether self inflicted or homicide. Life is too beautiful to allow someone else take that away. YOU have the right to be happy and have someone to be happy with and while at the time you may feel as though no one will understand and/or no one will help, let me say that I may be another soul roaming this earth but I DO UNDERSTAND AND I AM HERE TO ASSIST WITH ANY ADVICE NEEDED AND/OR IF YOU JUST NEED SOMEONE TO LISTEN. See below on some useful information and links. Keep your head up <3"

Obama speaks on National Domestic Violence

If you'd like to know more on this rising issue and how you can go about helping others or possibly seek help for yourself. Please visit the Domestic Violence website in which I found to be useful for volunteering and helpful for informational purposes.

Lady Cee: 
Ladies, Breast Cancer is SERIOUS! Make sure you check yourself regularly. Ask your doctor for the proper tips on how to check for lumps. My aunt is a Breast Cancer survivor.  She detected a lump early on and got it removed immediately. For more information about Breast Cancer Click Here